The Story of Luisa’s Grand Wish

Luisa’s Grand Wish is a wonderful short story for children that shows that, if you have a good heart and put other’s needs before your own, life will reward your kindness.

The Story of Luisa’s Grand Wish

In the faraway land of Tristonia, almost everyone was poor, so poor that many people didn’t even have two matching shoes to go outside, go to school or play ball.

Because of the terrible poverty, the villagers in this kingdom were almost always unhappy, but they were always good people because every year to celebrate New Year’s Day, a powerful fairy emerged from the depths of the sea to grant a wish to the villager who was purest of heart. The wish couldn’t be “to be rich” but could be “to have beautiful clothes”, for example.

As the days passed each of the villagers did the best they could to help the rest, hoping to be granted a fantastic wish that would lift them out of poverty. From the oldest person in the town to the youngest, they all did for others what they would have others do for them.

This year the fairy’s decision would be harder than ever, since all of the villagers were doing their best deeds, among them Luisa, a humble peasant girl who gave almost all of the food from her arid land to the rest of the village, keeping just a small loaf of bread for herself to eat. But her kindness didn’t end there; she shared her small piece of bread with the young and hopeless people who lived in the house with her, after giving everything else to the other villagers.

What Luisa didn’t know was that among the small family of white mice that she fed was the fairy, disguised as a mouse to see the extent of the girl’s kindness. Not only did she feed the mice, but during the cold winter she made them a cozy little bed by unraveling her two socks… something which undoubtedly moved the magical fairy.

The day finally arrived, and everyone gathered in the town square as was customary to find out who would be the winner this year. This year the fairy took a bit longer than usual to arrive, but she came as usual. After thinking about it long and hard, she decided to give the wish to the young girl Luisa, since her heart was so immense.

Luisa’s grand wish was something that moved all of the townspeople, even the fairy. “I wish I had much more land so that I could grow more food to share with everyone,” Luisa said. Hearing this wish, the fairy decided not only to grant her this wish but to offer her another wish (which had never happened before, since all the previous wishes had been very selfish ones).

And so the goodness of Luisa’s heart was greatly repaid, since the deeds done from the heart without expecting a prize are the most rewarding. And they all lived happily ever after.

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