Tom Thumb

Once upon a time, there was a peasant who was very poor, who was sitting in front of the fire while his wife was spinning yarn. They were both feeling regret that they hadn’t had any children, and the silence that was all around them made them very sad. The woman said that she would settle even for a tiny son, one no bigger than her thumb. Days later, the woman was ill, and seven months later she gave birth to a little boy as tiny as a thumb.

Tom Thumb


The couple, now content, named the boy Tom Thumb. As much as he ate, and with passing time, the boy never grew, but was a very clever and able boy who was able to do anything he set his mind to.

One day, the father went to the forest to cut some firewood, and he thought he needed someone to drive the wagon. Tom Thumb offered to do it, and his father laughed because he was much too small to hold the horse’s reins.

Tom Thumb went up to the horse’s ear and told him where he needed to go. A short while later, they passed two foresters, who were surprised to see the horse move without anyone to guide him. They decided to follow the wagon until it arrived to the place where the father was.

When they saw Tom Thumb, they thought they could earn a lot of money by showing him to people. They approached the father and asked to buy him. The father refused, but Tom Thumb said to sell him, and that he would know how to get back home.

Along the way, Tom Thumb hid himself in a burrow so that the men couldn’t find him. Finally, they gave up and left. On his way home, he found a snail shell where he decided to rest for the night. A short while later two men passed by, discussing the possibility of robbing the priest of his silver and gold. Tom Thumb offered to help them.

Tom Thumb entered the house and started to yell loudly, asking what they wanted him to take. At last, the cook woke up and the thieves fled. Tom Thumb hid himself and the woman thought she must have dreamt it.

Tom Thumb decided to sleep on the hay, but the next day, the cook went to feed the cows and Tom ended up in the stomach of one of them! Finding himself in this predicament, he began to ask for help, and the woman thought the cow was talking. The priest came and ordered that the cow be killed because he believed it was the work of the devil.

Tom Thumb, still inside the cow’s stomach, was swallowed yet again, this time by a wolf. He offered to tell the wolf where to find good food in exchange for freedom. The wolf listened, and had a grand feast. When he was finished, the wolf had become so fat that he couldn’t fit through the doorway. So Tom Thumb began to shout until his parents woke up.

His parents killed the wolf and rescued Tom Thumb, and at last the whole family was back together again.


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