The Story of the Yustaplow

The Yustaplow is a fun mystery story that is suitable for children of all ages. Even adults who enjoy a good pun will get a kick out of this short story.

The Story of the Yustaplow

Once upon a time, there was a very old and gloomy stable. It was always full of dust and looked quite creepy, and everyone was afraid to go inside because you never knew what type of animal would come out or if there were thieves in there.

One day, however, in this grimy, dusty place that no one wanted to visit, a poster was hung on the door which said, “The Yustaplow, see it for four quarters”.

The place was exactly the same; no one had painted or cleaned or anything, but on this occasion, despite being all boarded up and having that terrible old look, the stable was on everybody’s mind. The poster was generating a lot of curiosity.

Because of this mysterious poster, there were many people who couldn’t resist approaching the stable to see what was hiding in there and why that poster had been put up so suddenly. What on earth was “The Yustaplow”?

Women, men and children from all over the world came with their money to enter and see the mysterious animal called “The Yustaplow”. Some came, intrigued by the thought of seeing a strange animal, very dark and ugly, or maybe a rare species from the depths of Africa.

When they arrived at the door, a gypsy man was waiting to take their money and lift the curtain so that everyone could see the animal. When the crowd paid and was ready to see what was behind the curtain, they found a very old and fairly dirty mule who wasn’t in the mood to be seen by anybody.

With great fanfare, the gypsy man said to the crowd, “This is the Yustaplow! You see, it used to plow, but not anymore”.

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