The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling

Once upon a time, there was a duck who was laying her eggs, hoping that they would become strong, beautiful ducklings. So Mother Duck waited patiently for many days, always making sure that her eggs stayed nice and warm underneath her.

One day, the eggs began to hatch and all the little ducklings began to come out of their shells. Many of the forest animals came to see the new members of the flock. The little ones came out, one by one, very big and beautiful… but when the last egg hatched, everyone saw that, unlike his brothers and sisters, he was very small, fat and ugly.

As time passed, the ducklings all grew up to be nice looking birds, except the last duckling stayed the same, not getting any bigger or any more handsome, so all of his brothers and sisters called him, “Ugly Duckling”. Eventually, his own brothers and sisters were embarrassed of him because of his ugliness and began to hate him, which made the duckling deeply sad.

The duckling felt miserable about the situation and decided to leave. Along the way, he found a farm where nobody rejected him, so he decided to live there. But as time passed, they also began to tease and make fun of him, so he once again left to find some other place where he would be wanted.

Some time later, he came upon a lake where there were gorgeous swans who were very happy to see him. The duckling was shocked that they had accepted him from the moment they saw him, which made him extremely happy.

The truth is he didn’t know what was happening, but suddenly, looking into the water he realized that he had become a beautiful swan that no one would ever make fun of again. From that moment, he lived happily with his new family, forgetting about all of those who had teased him, because they had judged him as a duck, when he really was a swan.

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