The Tin Soldier

The Tin Soldier

Once upon a time there was a toymaker who made an army of little tin soldiers. Each one carried a rifle on their shoulder and wore a red jacket, blue pants and a tall black hat with an emblem on the front. The toymaker didn’t have enough tin for the last soldier, and had to make him with just one leg.

He displayed the little soldiers in a glass case in his store, and a man bought them as a gift for his son. When the boy opened the box, he noticed the soldier with the missing leg. He made him a little cast out of paper, and put him next to a paper ballerina.

When everyone had gone to sleep, the toys began to wake up and have fun; the only toys who didn’t move were the little tin soldier and the paper ballerina. They looked at each other, and at midnight an elf appeared. The elf became very jealous of the way the soldier looked at the ballerina, and he cast a curse on the soldier.

The next day, as the boy was playing with his tin soldier, he set him on the windowsill and the little soldier fell to the street. The maid wouldn’t let the boy go down to find his toy because it was raining, and the boy thought he had lost him.

Outside there were some children playing in the rain who found the little lead soldier. They made him a paper boat to sail through the streets, but he ended up falling down into a sewer drain.

The soldier didn’t know where he was going to end up, when suddenly a giant rat told him to pay the toll, but the soldier couldn’t do anything to stop the boat and it kept sailing until it began to take on water and finally sank.

A fish passing by swallowed the soldier and swam towards the sea. Finally, a fishing boat caught the fish and by chance, the fish ended up at the boy’s house.

Upon eating the fish, the boy found his tin soldier and was very happy. When the ballerina saw him, she began to cry, but the boy’s older brother saw that the soldier was broken and smelled of fish, so he decided to through the little soldier in the fireplace.

Little by little he began to melt, and suddenly a gust of wind picked up the paper ballerina and carried her to the fire as well. They melted together and, when the family put out the fire the next day, they found a little piece of tin in the shape of a heart.

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