The Story of the Three Lazy Boys

The story of the Three Lazy Boys is an adaptation of a classic story that will amuse children and grown ups alike.

The Story of the Three Lazy Boys

Once upon a time there were three brothers who were very lazy, so that their whole life it was very hard for them to work. One day, their father, who was very sick, knew that he had to write his will, so that the inheritance he left to his sons would help save them from a life of struggle.

When the man knew he was going to die, he called the notary and said, “I would like my donkey, which is all that I have, to go to the laziest of my three sons”. The notary took note of the last words of the dying man and went to look for the three boys.

The notary met with the boys and told them that their father had left a donkey as inheritance to the laziest of his sons, and for that reason he had to test each one’s laziness so that there was no confusion as to whom the donkey belonged.

The oldest didn’t want to say anything, but after the notary threatened to take him to jail, he said that one time his shoe caught fire, but he was so lazy that he preferred to burn rather than put out the flames. His friends were able to save him.

The middle son said that one time he went to swim in the sea but he became very lazy and, although he began to drown, he preferred to stay still rather than move a muscle. His friends also saved him.

When it was the youngest son’s turn, he went to the notary and said, “Mr. Notary, I don’t feel like talking at all, so please just take me to jail and give them the donkey”.

In that moment the notary knew that the donkey had to be for the youngest of the three, since he had shown that he was the laziest of them all.

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