The Tale of the Weeping Witch

The tale of the Weeping Witch is a scary ghost story based on a classic storyline that grown ups will be sure to recognize. This is a great story to tell around a campfire at night to older children, as it might be too scary for very young kids.

The Tale of the Weeping Witch

Once upon a time, there was an evil witch who lived in a house in the forest near a lake. Everyone was afraid of the witch, who cursed their homes and everyone that crossed her path, and so the whole town was terrified of her. However, as evil as she was, she did have a heart and felt very bad for her children, which were the only things that mattered to her. She did everything for her children!

One day, because of all the evil she had done, the devil appeared and told her she had to repent for her sins and for making life impossible for the others. The thing that he asked of her was very painful for her: that her children be sacrificed to make up for her wrongdoing. And so the witch sadly approached the lake by her house and drowned her young children.

It was when she saw the lifeless bodies of her children floating in the water that the evil witch realized what she had done and how badly she had behaved towards the townspeople. “My poor children!” she exclaimed. And so each day the witch showed her remorse until the day she died, from grief, they say. The witch no longer had a living body but her soul continues wandering through the town and the forest and they say that every night you can hear her sobbing from the grief of her children’s death, but the truth is, she felt even worse because she was the only one to blame.

The spirit of the weeping witch is trapped for eternity in the lake in that forest. Weeping and crying from the pain of having let her children perish for her heinous sins.



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