The Story of Baby Moses for Kids

The story of baby Moses, or Moses in the Reeds, is a bible story from the old testament adapted for kids. This story shows that a small act of bravery can change the world.

The Story of Moses in the Reeds

Many years ago in ancient Egypt, the Pharaoh had great ambitions for his kingdom. He ordered huge pyramids and temples to the Egyptian gods to be built. But who was going to build them? There were no trucks or machines and building the pyramids would be extremely hard work.

This question was easy for the Pharaoh. The Jewish (Hebrew) people had been forced into slavery, and worked all day long in the hot sun every day to build the pyramids that Pharaoh wanted. Egyptian guards watched to make sure the Jews were working, and if they didn’t work fast enough or hard enough, the guards would whip them.

After several years of the Egyptians ruling the Jewish slaves, the Pharaoh saw that the population of the Jews was growing very fast. He was worried that there would soon be so many of them that they would rise up against him and fight for their freedom. To make sure that didn’t happen, he did something terrible. He ordered that any boy babies born must be killed.

A brave Jewish woman named Jochebed had just given birth to a baby boy named Moses. Moses’ older brother Aaron and sister Miriam were old enough to be safe from the Pharaoh’s orders, but Jochebed knew that if the Egyptian guards found baby Moses, they would kill him.

Jochebed knew she had to save her baby, so she wrapped baby Moses in a blanket and put him in a basket made of reeds. She put the lid on the basket and ran to the Nile river, praying that the Egyptian guards would not catch her.

Jochebed carefully set the basket with baby Moses in the river, and prayed to God that He would protect the baby and find him a place where he could live.

The river swept Moses away with a strong current, and the basket bobbed up and down in the water. Moses floated past huge boats, mean crocodiles, raging hippopotamuses, but remained safe in his basket.

Finally, the basket drifted into calmer waters, right next to the Pharaoh’s palace. The Pharaoh’s daughter was watching her young son play in the water when she saw a strange basket floating through the reeds. Curious, she pulled the basket out of the water and opened it, finding baby Moses sleeping peacefully inside.

The Pharaoh’s daughter took pity on the baby and decided to adopt him as her own child. She showed her son Ramses his new baby brother, and convinced Pharaoh to accept the baby by telling him it was a gift from the gods, although she knew that he was really a Hebrew baby who had narrowly escaped death.

Moses was raised as a prince in the Egyptian palace, never knowing the story of where he came from. One day, he would learn the truth. And although he never would have dreamt of it, he would one day lead his people, the Jews, to freedom.

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