The Spinner (Rumpelstiltskin)

The Spinner (Rumpelstiltskin)

Once upon a time there was a miller who had no money and the only thing he had in his life was his daughter, a very beautiful young woman. One day, the King called for the miller because he hadn’t paid his taxes. Since the man had no money, he told the King that he had a daughter who could spin straw into threads of gold. The King told him to bring her to him, and he put her in a room filled with straw, telling her that she must turn it all into gold before sunrise, or he would punish her and her father.

The girl did not know how to spin wool, much less turn straw into gold. Nevertheless, she sat in front of the spinning wheel to try. Finally, she started to cry.

Suddenly, a very strange little man appeared and asked the girl why she was crying. The girl explained what had happened and the little man asked what she would give him if he spun it himself. The girl offered him her necklace, and the little man considered it sufficient.

The next day, all of the straw had been turned into gold, and seeing this, the King became greedy and wanted even more. He put the girl in a bigger room with more straw and told her to do it again.

Again, the strange little man appeared, this time accepting the girl’s ring in exchange for spinning the straw into gold, but the King’s greed grew stronger. He shut the girl in a tower filled with straw and told her if she could turn all of it into gold, he would marry her and make her Queen.

The strange little man appeared once again, but this time the girl had nothing to give him. The little man offered that, after she married, she could give him her first born child, and since she had no other choice, she accepted.

The next day the tower was filled with gold, and so the King married the girl. One year after the wedding, she gave birth to their first child, a daughter. The Queen had forgotten about the deal she had made with the strange little man, until he suddenly appeared and demanded she give him what she had promised.

The Queen offered him all sorts of treasures in place of her daughter, but the little man did not accept any of them. She began to cry, and it was then that the little man said if she could guess his name in three days’ time, she could keep her baby.

The Queen tried everything possible to guess his name, and made a list of all the names she knew, but none of them were the name of the strange little man.

She searched for unusual names but none of them were right. On the third day, a messenger who had been sent to find new names heard a little man singing, “The Queen will lose, she’ll never guess my name! I’m the great Rumpelstiltskin!”

That night, the Queen returned to see the little man and said his name, and so he had to disappear forever, but not before getting very angry that the Queen had guessed correctly.


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