The Selfish Giant

The Selfish Giant

When the children got out of school they always went to play in the Giant’s garden. It was a huge, beautiful garden filled with green grass and many lovely flowers.

But one day after travelling, the Giant returned home and saw the children playing in his garden. He yelled at them for playing there and the children ran away. As they left, he shouted at them to never come back. Because of this, the children no longer had a place to play. They tried to play in the road but it was full of dust and rocks, so they couldn’t play very well. Finally they ended up wandering around and every day would climb the wall to see the beautiful garden where they used to play.

When Spring arrived, it did not come to the Giant’s garden; the birds didn’t sing there anymore ever since the children left, and the trees no longer had flowers. Only a single flower grew there but, seeing that the children were gone, went to sleep. Everything was full of snow and ice. Little by little, the weather grew worse, with strong icy winds and sleet. The Giant couldn’t figure out what had happened until, one day, he heard a sweet melody and thought it was the king passing by with his musicians. Eventually he realized that it was just a little goldfinch at his window, and the Giant thought that Spring had come.

Looking out the window, he could see that the children had returned to play in the garden, and that all of the trees and animals had returned as well. There was only a small frozen corner left with a tree, which a boy was trying to climb, but he couldn’t because he was too small. It was then that the Giant realized that Winter never left because he had thrown out the children.

So he went down again to the garden, but when the children ran away from him, the garden began to freeze again. But the small boy was not able to escape, and when the Giant went towards him he climbed up the tree. In that moment, Spring returned to the Giant’s garden because he decided to tear down the wall and invite all the children in to play whenever they wanted.

Nevertheless, the Giant remained sad because he had not seen the little boy who climbed the tree for a long time. As time passed, he became more and more sad, until one day, he looked and was able to see the little boy up in the tree. He ran towards the boy to hug him, but saw that he had wounds on his body. The Giant was angry and asked who had done this to him, so that he could kill him. The boy said that he didn’t have to worry anymore, because he was going to invite him to his own garden, in Heaven. The next day, the rest of the children came to play in the garden and found the Giant laid out on the ground because he had died, but his body was covered with little white blossoms.

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