The Legend of the Phoenix

The story of how the phoenix bird was created. Some may be surprised to learn that, according to legend, the first phoenix bird was born in the Garden of Eden and was one of God’s creations, just like Adam and Eve!

The Legend of the Phoenix

In the Garden of Eden, just beneath the tree of wisdom, a rose bush grew and through one of its roses gave birth to a bird, brightly colored and enchanting.

However, the moment that Eve took the fruit and was banished with Adam from Eden, a spark fell from the sword of an angel into its nest, which caught fire and killed the little bird.

From a red egg, another bird was born, the Phoenix, which according to legend nests in Arabia and every one hundred years dies, burnt in its nest, giving birth to a new one.

This bird travels across the world, giving its beauty and aroma of violets during the birth of children, and flying over the aurora borealis, going into the coal mines and giving man a completely different view of the world around him.

Every century it is reborn and transforms into a new bird that carries out its mission, born among dying flames. Its image, carved in gold, hangs in the halls of the rich and it opens new adventures that over the centuries become legends.

This is the bird of paradise, that which was born from the first rose of the tree of wisdom, which died, burnt in the flames of a spark born of the sword of an angel, that received a kiss from God Himself who gave him a true name: poetry!

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