The Story of the Nightingale

The touching story of the nightingale, whose beautiful song was treasured by all who heard it, makes a lovely bedtime story for children who might get too excited by action-adventure stories.

The Story of the Nightingale

Many years ago, the Emperor’s palace in China was the most impressive in the whole world, every corner adorned with porcelain. Beautiful and fragile, you had to go very carefully without touching anything. The garden was full of marvelous flowers, and hanging from the most beautiful were tiny silver bells that rang so that nobody could pass by without noticing them. In the imperial garden everything was perfectly organized, and was so large that even the gardener had no idea where it ended. There lived a nightingale who sang so beautifully that the local fishermen would stop to admire his song.

Even so, they had to tend to their nets and forget about the bird until the following night when, upon arriving, they would again admire the beauty of the nightingale.

Travelers arrived to the imperial city from all countries, and they admired the palace and the garden; but as soon as they heard the nightingale, they knew that he was the best of all.

This caused many to write about this magnificent nightingale, until books were spread around the world, and some were read by the Emperor.

The Emperor had never heard of the nightingale, and so he called his butler to tell him about it, but the man didn’t have any idea what the books were talking about. The Emperor ordered that the bird be found and brought to him to sing in his presence.

Finally, a young boy who worked in the kitchen remembered that he had heard it sing, and so he went into the garden until he found the bird.

He brought it before the Emperor and they prepared a grand feast in which the nightingale would sing, and after he did the Emperor cried and wanted to reward him, but the nightingale said that his tears were payment enough.

From then on many people came to hear the bird sing, until one day he disappeared. Everyone called him ungrateful and tried to find another nightingale to replace him, but they couldn’t find any.

Shortly after, the Emperor fell ill, and when he thought he was about to die, his only wish was to hear the nightingale sing once more. Suddenly, when all seemed lost, the nightingale appeared again.

Thanks to his song, the Emperor’s life was saved, and riches were returned to the kingdom.

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