The Mouse Pérez (The Toothfairy Mouse)

The Mouse Pérez (The Toothfairy Mouse)

Once upon a time, there was a little mouse named Pepito Pérez who lived in the city with his family. His mouse hole wasn’t very big but it was very comfortable, and they always had food to eat. One day, the little mouse went up to the next floor and into an apartment. He could see by all the machinery that it was a dentist’s office. From then on, every day he would go up to see the odontologist at work, taking notes of each and every step in a notebook and then practicing on his parents.

With time, more and more people would come to have their teeth fixed by him, so much so that he became famous.

Eventually some older mice started to come with a specific problem, that they didn’t have any teeth anymore. After thinking and thinking, the little mouse realized that in the dentist’s office they put in teeth that were not the person’s original teeth, but synthetic ones. The problem was that they were too big for mice, so he decided to look for real teeth, but children’s teeth so they would be the right size.

Since he was a good mouse, he decided to go to the children’s houses and buy the teeth. But when he arrived to one of the houses he found a huge cat blocking his path, so the little mouse decided to wait until nightfall when everyone was sleeping. And so he did. When it was dark, he entered the bedroom of the child and noticed that the child had placed the tooth under his pillow. The mouse took the tooth and left a little gift in exchange in the same place where he had found the tooth.

The next day, the child woke up and was very happy with his gift, so much so that he told all of his friends. From that day on, all children began to leave their baby teeth under their pillows.

Thanks to that, the little mouse made sure that all the children were happy and the elderly mice could once again eat the foods that they couldn’t before.


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