The Emperor’s New Clothes

The Emperor’s New Clothes is one of the most beloved fables of all time, and teaches a great lesson about pride and vanity. This story is fun for kids of all ages, and grown ups will remember it from when they were children too.

The Emperor’s New Clothes

Once upon a time there was a very vain Emperor who loved to buy new clothes. He always had many tailors on hand to make him new outfits, since his goal was to become the best dressed emperor of all the kingdoms in the whole world.

One day, two young rascals arrived at the palace and requested that His Majesty see them. They claimed to be famous tailors from a faraway land. Hearing this, the Emperor let them right in.

One of the rascals told the Emperor that they had brought with them marvelous fabrics, but it was a type of fabric that ignorant people couldn’t see. The Emperor was very excited and asked the false tailors to make him an outfit from this fabric.

The two rascals asked for a large sum of money and very valuable jewels in exchange for the outfit. Over several days, the rascals pretended to cut and sew the outfit when they were actually doing nothing at all, but no one would say so because they were afraid that everyone else would think they were ignorant. And so everyone who saw it said it was a very unique outfit.

A few days later, the Emperor went to try on his new outfit. He couldn’t actually see it, but he was also afraid that people would think he was ignorant, and so he pretended to hold it up to admire it.

The whole town waited outside to see the Emperor’s new clothes; they were very curious about how they had turned out. It was then that the Emperor appeared, completely naked, walking through the town.

Everyone on the street was silent; no one said a word because they didn’t want to be called ignorant. Finally, a young boy innocently said, “Look, Mama! The Emperor is naked!”

Hearing the boy’s exclamation, everyone started to laugh, and the Emperor returned to his palace very embarrassed for being deceived because of his own pride.

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