The Story of the Cat Minina

The Cat Minina is an adaptation of the classic story The Enchanted Cat. This is a fun, fairytale twist on the classic “be careful what you wish for” story.

The Story of the Cat Minina

Once upon a time there was a rich and prosperous kingdom that was ruled by a dashing and intelligent prince. All the girls in the kingdom wanted to be chosen as his future wife, but the prince didn’t seem interested in any of them and spent all of his time playing with his cat, Minina.

One day, he was playing with his cat and said aloud, looking at Minina, “If only you were a person, if you were I would marry you for sure.” Although he said it knowing it was impossible, in that very moment the Wish Fairy appeared, who was very keen on granting people’s wishes as long as they had a good heart.

Before the very surprised prince, the fairy said, “If you truly wish it, I will make your dream come true”, and immediately Minina turned into a beautiful woman. Her cat legs turned into two long, lovely legs, her feline eyes became two beautiful green eyes and her tail disappeared forever.

Seeing her, the astounded prince prepared everything to marry her as soon as possible, just as he had said.

The day of the wedding arrived, and thousands of guests arrived from all over the kingdom. When everything was ready and happiness was in the air, something happened that nobody could have predicted. When it was time to say, “I do”, a small mouse passed by the ceremony, and the princess could not contain her former feline instincts and chased after it, leaving the prince behind.

The prince then understood that you should be careful what you wish for, because aside from having lost his future wife, he had also lost his best friend, Minina the cat.

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