The Brave Little Tailor

The Brave Little Tailor

One morning, a humble little tailor was sitting at the table next to the window. He was in a good mood and sewed with great joy. Just then, a peasant woman passed by selling jelly, so he called out to her to buy some from her. The woman thought he was going to buy more, and left grumpily.

The little tailor got a piece of bread and a little jelly, sliced it on the table and kept sewing. Just then, a swarm of flies flew towards the bread, attracted by the smell. The tailor tried to scare them away but couldn’t, so he grabbed a flyswatter and swatted at them. It total he killed seven flies, and he thought the whole city should know about it.

So he made a belt which said, “Seven in one blow”, and he walked around wearing it through the whole city. As he was walking, he found a giant and approached him, saying that he was in search of his fortune, but the giant didn’t pay him any mind and called him a coward.

Hearing this, the little tailor showed him his belt and the giant thought it described the men that the tailor had killed, and began to respect him. To see if it was true, the giant grabbed a rock and squeezed it until a few drops of water came out. The tailor said that was nothing, and took out the cheese from his pocket and squeezed all of the juice out of it. The giant, thinking it was a rock, was surprised, but for another test he threw a rock so high that it disappeared from sight. The tailor took a bird out of his pocket and threw it into the air, which disappeared and did not return to the ground.

Next, the giant asked him to help remove a tree from the forest, and while the giant went in front, pulling the trunk, the tailor sat on a branch.

After several more tests, the giant finally invited him to come to a cave with him where there were other giants sitting by the fire. He invited him to sleep in the bed, but because it was very big, the tailor decided to sleep in the corner. The giant, thinking that he was sleeping there, grabbed an iron rod and swung it down hard on the bed, and thought that he had killed the little tailor.

The next day, the giants were perplexed when they saw the little tailor again alive and well. Seeing him, they all ran away, thinking he was going to kill them.

Finally, the tailor arrived to the palace and spoke with the king to tell him the news, but the soldiers were afraid that the tailor would kill them. Seeing this, the king wanted to throw him out, but didn’t dare to do it. He sent him to the forest where there who two giants who robbed and killed people, asking him to kill them in exchange for half of his kingdom and his daughter’s hand.

The tailor accepted and started on his way, accompanied by 100 horsemen. Once they arrived, the tailor went to look for the giants and found them asleep. Without thinking twice, he filled their pockets with rocks and climbed a tree. From there, he began to throw rocks at the giants, and since they couldn’t see him, as small as he was, they began to fight until they eventually killed each other.

The tailor made two slashes with his sword and returned to the kingdom and the king told him that if he wanted the reward, he had to complete a new task: capture a unicorn.

He left again to get the unicorn. When the unicorn tried to charge at him, its horn became wedged in a tree trunk and it was stuck there. Still, the king did not want to give the tailor what he had promised, and told him to hunt a ferocious wild boar.

Finally, the king was forced to give him what he had promised. But over time, his wife heard him talking about it in his sleep, and it was something she did not like.

So she wanted to get rid of the tailor, with the help of the king’s squire. When she thought the little tailor was sleeping, she opened the door for the squire to abduct him, but when the tailor listed all his conquests, the would-be kidnappers gave up, and the tailor finally became king for all his life.

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