Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

In a faraway land there was a queen who had a beautiful baby girl, and all the fairies in the kingdom were invited to her baptism, except for the most evil one. Although she was not invited, the evil fairy appeared there and stood before the little one’s cradle, invoking a curse, saying that on her 16th birthday the girl would prick her finger on a spinning wheel spindle and die.

Sleeping Beauty

The curse was heard by a good fairy, who performed an enchantment to avoid the terrible vexation. The enchantment was that, instead of dying, she would sleep for 100 years and only be woken by the kiss of a young prince.

As the years passed, the girl grew into the most beautiful young woman in the kingdom, and the king ordered that all spinning wheels be burned so that she would not prick her finger. On her 16th birthday, the girl went to a place in the kingdom thought to be uninhabited, and there she found a woman spinning yarn who offered to show her how it was done.

It was in this moment that the girl pricked her finger and fell to the floor. No doctor or wizard could wake her.

The fairy who had prevented the girl’s death told her parents what happened, and with another enchantment made everyone in the kingdom sleep for those 100 years as well. The entire kingdom was silent during this time, and the plants grew so that they enveloped the kingdom and it was impossible to enter there.

Some time after those 100 years passed, a prince chasing after a wild boar came upon the place. The boar ran into the brambles and the prince began to clear a path until he found the castle, seeing all of its inhabitants on the floor. At first he thought they had all died, but he was relieved to find that they were only sleeping.

He was unable to wake them, and finally found the princess. He fell in love as soon as he saw her. He took her hand and gently kissed her. In that very instant, the princess awoke and murmured, “at last, you’ve arrived.”

The princess stood up and offered her hand to the prince, and in this moment the entire castle began to wake up, very surprised, and went to see the princess.

A few days later, the kingdom celebrated their wedding and they all lived happily ever after.

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