The Story of Sinbad the Sailor

A condensed version of Sinbad the Sailor’s many famous adventures. A classic and exciting story for children of all ages.

The Story of Sinbad the Sailor

Many years ago in Baghdad, there lived a young man named Sinbad. He was so poor that for work he had to transport bales of hay from here to there. As destiny had it, a fairly powerful man ordered his servant to bring Sinbad before him. Once he arrived to the room where he was to meet the millionaire, he could see a table full of unimaginable delicacies, and seated around the table were some people.

Sinbad began to tell the story of his life, and how, despite having had a rich father and inherited a great fortune, his extravagance had made him poor, and so he sold the little he had left and went sailing with some merchants until they reached an island.

As they later realized, the island was actually a whale, and they were at the mercy of the tide. Finally he reached dry land and took the first ship back to Baghdad.

At this point in the story he was interrupted and received 100 gold coins, and was told to come back the next day. Sinbad the sailor did and continued telling his story, explaining that on one occasion he fell asleep and the ship left without him, and so he went into a valley and found a huge quantity of diamonds. He grabbed as many as he could and tied a piece of meat to himself so that an eagle would come and carry him to the nest, and that was how he escaped that place.

Again, he received 100 gold coins for his story, and promised to come again and continue telling of his adventures. This situation presented itself on several occasions, earning 100 gold coins each time.

Finally, Sinbad explained that on one of his last trips he ended up a slave of an ivory dealer, but one day on a hunt, Sinbad ended up riding one of the elephants who carried Sinbad to an elephant cemetery, where there was so much ivory that it was no longer necessary to kill more elephants.

As thanks, the merchant granted Sinbad his freedom and gave him many riches.

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