Once upon a time a miller who claimed before the King that his daughter was the best spinner, she could spin straw into pure gold. This surprised the king very much, and he said to the miller to bring her to the castle to put her to the test.

Once she arrived, the king took her to a room with a spinning wheel and a mound of straw, telling her to spin all of the straw into gold. If she wasn’t able to do it, she would pay for her father’s lie with her life.

The girl was hopeless and didn’t know what she was going to do; it was an impossible task. But then suddenly, a small goblin appeared who asked why the girl was crying. The girl told him what had happened, and the goblin told her he would help her, but he wanted something in return.

The girl offered him her necklace, so the goblin cast a spell and turned all the straw into gold.

The next day when the king entered he was amazed, so he took her to a much bigger room. The goblin appeared again and this time the girl offered her ring. Once again, he turned all the straw into gold and the king took her to an even bigger room, but the girl had nothing left to offer the goblin. The goblin told her that she must give him her first born child.

Eventually, the girl married the prince and years later a baby was born, although the princess no longer remembered her promise.

When the goblin appeared again, the girl was distraught because she didn’t want to give him her baby. So the goblin said that if she could guess his name, then she could keep her child.

Out on a walk, the princess found the goblin and heard him use the name Rumpelstiltskin, so she asked if that was his name. It was, and she was able to keep her child and the goblin disappeared forever.


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