Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots

In a faraway place there was an old miller who had three sons. As he was growing older and close to death, he decided to divide the little that he had between them as an inheritance. To the oldest he gave the windmill, to the middle son he gave the donkey, and to the youngest he gave his cat. Shortly afterwards, the father passed away.

The two older brothers began to use the inheritance that their father had left for them, while the youngest took a pair of his father’s boots and put them on the cat. He and the cat set out to travel the world.

Along their journey they stopped to rest under a tree. While his master was sleeping, the cat took a bag the boy was carrying and filled it with herbs, leaving the bag open. A rabbit who was passing by hopped into the bag and the cat pulled the string, trapping the rabbit. With the rabbit in hand, the cat set off towards the palace to offer it to the king.

Standing before His Majesty he said that it was a gift from his master, the Marquis of Carrabas.

The king accepted the gift and as the days passed, the cat brought more gifts. One day, the king decided to throw a festival in the palace, and the cat stopped to think and said to his master that he had an idea to improve their lives. Although he did not understand well what the cat was asking, he listened to his advice.

The cat told him to take off his clothes and get into the river. In that moment, the royal carriages were approaching, carrying the king and his daughter. When they passed by, the cat asked for their help because the Marquis of Carrabas was drowning.

The king went to help, while the princess sat enthralled by the handsomeness of the Marquis. They dressed him and brought him up onto the carriage.

Meanwhile, the cat went into the fields of the town and asked that the people tell the king that their lands belonged to the Marquis. But as he had no castle, he went to the castle of the ogre and challenged him to turn himself into something as small as a fly or a mouse. The ogre turned into a mouse and the cat pounced on him and ate him up.

When the royal carriage arrived, the king admired the land of the Marquis and proposed that he marry his daughter so that they could share their kingdoms. He accepted and from that day on, they all lived happily ever after.

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