In an old woodworking shop, Geppetto, a friendly old man was finishing a wooden puppet. He was just giving him a last coat of paint before going to bed. Once he was finished painting the puppet, as he did with all of his creations, he decided to give him a name. “It’s decided! His name will be Pinocchio!” said Geppetto, since this puppet was made out of pine wood. Having decided on the name, he went to bed dreaming that his creation would come to life, because having a con to love and care for was his greatest wish.

That night, Geppetto didn’t take long to fall asleep as he was quite tired. It was in that moment that a fairy appeared and, seeing how lovingly the carpenter had made Pinocchio, decided to grant Geppetto’s wish and brought the puppet to life with her magic wand.

The next morning, Geppetto couldn’t believe his own eyes, his puppet was alive! Pinocchio moved, walked, laughed and talked like any real boy of his age. That morning, Geppetto decided to send Pinocchio to school along with the rest of the children his age so he could learn everything that Geppetto had not been able to learn when he was a boy.

Pinocchio marched off to school with Jiminy Cricket, an advisor that the fairy had given him to guide him on the right path. But on the way to school, Pinocchio ran into two boys who were very bad, and he decided to follow them, not listening to the advice of Jiminy Cricket. Instead of going to school, Pinocchio went with his new friends looking for mischief. For this, the fairy cast a spell on him, giving him donkey ears and making his nose grow longer every time he told a lie.

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