Peter Pan

Peter Pan

Once upon a time there were three children, a sister and two brothers, Wendy, Michael and John, who lived on the outskirts of London. Wendy, the oldest, imparted to her brothers her admiration for Peter Pan, as she told them stories of his adventures every night.

One night, while getting ready for bed, they saw a tiny light in the room. It was Tinkerbelle, the fairy friend of Peter Pan, and Peter was there too. They held hands and flew off to Never Never Land, the place where the Lost Boys lived, whom Tinkerbelle helped by throwing fairy dust on them.

Once they were in Never Never Land, Peter Pan caught sight of the ship of Captain Hook, and warned the children how dangerous he was. Tinkerbelle began to feel jealous of how well Peter and Wendy were getting along, so she told the boys to shoot an arrow at a bird flying with Peter Pan. This caused Wendy to fall out of the sky onto the ground, although she recovered quickly.

Having heard of the arrival of the children, the pirates planned an ambush, taking Wendy, John and Michael prisoner. Even worse, the Captain, with the help of Tinkerbelle, had poisoned the water in Peter Pan’s glass so he would die and wouldn’t be able to rescue them.

When Peter Pan woke up, Tinkerbelle regretted what she had done, and so when Peter reached for his drink, Tinkerbelle threw the glass, but the poison splashed and hit her. She could only be saved if all the children of the world believed in fairies and the power of imagination. In this way, she was finally saved, although the children were still being held captive by Captain Hook.

When the Captain was about to throw the children overboard, Peter Pan appeared and began to fight. The Captain was frightened and ended up being eaten by a crocodile in the water. Shortly after, the pirate crew surrendered and Peter Pan was able to save the children.

He tried to convince them to stay with him in Never Never Land, but since they missed their parents very much, Peter Pan took them back home.

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