Peter and the Wolf

Peter and the Wolf

Once upon a time, there was a young shepherd in a village where everyone got along well together and lived in harmony. The shepherd boy was named Peter and he had a large flock of sheep that he herded around and with which the villagers were very happy.

Peter, being alone often, was bored and didn’t know what to do to entertain himself while he was watching and feeding his sheep. He invented games, songs, riddles and many other things to do alone and make the time pass by more quickly.

One day when he was bored and nothing seemed entertaining, he was passing through the countryside and he mischievously thought to shout, “The wolf is coming!” The villagers were very worried, and ran to help him because they didn’t want the ferocious wolf to eat all of the sheep and for Peter to be left with nothing, but when they arrived, they saw that Peter was laughing at them.

The neighbors grumpily returned to their daily tasks and forgot about the matter. But the next morning, Peter tried the same trick again and ran through the countryside shouting, “The wolf is coming!” Once again, the neighbors came to help Peter but when they arrived, there was nothing, Peter had lied again.

The villagers were very bothered that Peter was deceiving them and they were going out of their way to help him with something that wasn’t even true.

The next morning, Peter was terribly frightened. The wolf was approaching from afar at full speed to devour his sheep, so he shouted, “The wolf is coming!” and, “Help! The wolf is coming!” and having cried out for help, not one of the villagers came to help and the ferocious wolf ate each and every one of the sheep. Peter learned then not to tell lies, and he never did it again.

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