King Midas

King Midas

Once upon a time, there was a King who had a large sum of gold. He had more gold than any other man in the world. Aside from his desire to acquire more and more money, he had another wish: that his daughter Zoe would become the richest queen in the world.

Zoe, however, was a very beautiful young woman who had no particular interest in money; she preferred flowers and other beautiful things. One day, the King was in the room where he kept all of his gold when suddenly, a man dressed all in white appeared and commented that the King had a lot of gold. The King replied that it was very little compared to all the gold in the world.

The man in white had magic powers and, seeing the King’s greed for gold, decided to grant him a wish, that everything the King touched would turn to gold, hoping that the King would learn a lesson.

The next day, the King no more than awoke before he began to touch different things in his room to turn them into gold, so that he would be even richer. The problem began when he went to eat breakfast and all the food that he touched turned to gold, and he couldn’t eat anything. What’s more, he accidentally touched some of the most beautiful roses in the garden, making his daughter very upset with him.

Days passed without the King being able to eat a bite of food, and little by little his desire for gold diminished and his sadness grew. For this reason, his daughter, no longer angry, went to see her father and ask why he was so sad, and the young woman decided to give her father a hug to cheer him up.

“Oh no!!! My daughter, the most valuable thing in the world to me, you too have turned into gold,” exclaimed the King.

In this moment, the strange man dressed in white appeared again, and seeing that the King had learned his lesson, told him that he could turn anything he liked from gold back to its original state by gently submerging it in the river.

From that moment, King Midas learned a great lesson, that there are more important things in life than money, such as his precious daughter as well as simple but necessary things, like water to drink each day.


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