Joey’s Gift, a Christmas Story

This Christmas story is adapted from a Spanish story, which has an important lesson for children to be patient and not go sneaking around looking for their presents early.

The Story of Joey’s Gift

Once upon a time there was a young boy named Joey who loved toys. Like all children his age, Joey was a huge fan of toys and loved to play all day long, so he was always excited for birthday parties and Christmas.

At Christmas, Joey was especially nervous because his parents usually bought gifts far in advance but on this occasion, although Christmas was fast approaching, his parents still hadn’t bought anything because they were very busy.

On Christmas Eve day, Joey’s father arrived with the gifts and hid them very well, high up in the closet so that his son Joey wouldn’t find them, but this year the boy had everything planned out and was anxious to do anything to find out what his parents had bought for him this year.

When his parents went to bed, Joey went to look for the presents. He took three chairs and stacked them one on top of the other to reach his target: the present from his parents. But although Joey was able to reach the present, when he tried to get down, the chair fell, and Joey crashed to the floor and broke several bones. The next day, the naughty boy woke up in the hospital badly injured and the gift was destroyed. From this, Joey learned that it was better to wait for things to happen when they are supposed to.

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