Jack and the Beanstalk

In a cabin in the woods lived a mother and her son whose financial situation was getting worse with each passing day. Because of this, the mother told her son, Jack, to go to the city and sell their last cow.

Jack and the Beanstalk

The boy started on his way to the city with the cow and met a man who was carrying a small sack of beans. The man offered to give Jack the beans in exchange for his cow, explaining that they were magic beans. Jack accepted and returned home.

When he arrived, his mother was very displeased with him. She took the beans and threw them into the street.

The next day, Jack peeked out through the window and saw that the beans had grown during the night, so tall that he couldn’t see the top of the plant! He resolved to climb it, and when he did, he came upon an unknown land. He found a castle there which was home to an evil giant with a goose that laid golden eggs. Jack waited until the giant was asleep and stole the goose.

He climbed down and gave the goose to his mother, who then sold the golden eggs and earned a large fortune. When the goose died, Jack once again climbed the beanstalk and saw the giant again, this with a huge sack of gold coins. Jack went to take some and saw that next to the giant there was a harp which played all by itself. The giant fell asleep and Jack grabbed the harp.

But as soon as he did, the harp began to shriek and woke the giant. The giant chased after Jack and started to climb down the beanstalk. Once on the ground, Jack cut down the plant and the giant fell to the ground, paying dearly for his actions.

Jack and his mother lived happily for the rest of their lives with the gold he had obtained.

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