Gulliver in Lilliput

Gulliver was travelling in a beautiful ship until, upon reaching the waters of the East Indies he encountered a storm that began to rock the boat, until finally it sank, despite the efforts of the crew to save the ship.



Gulliver continued swimming and was beginning to lose his strength when, as luck would have it, he came upon a beach and considered himself saved. Upon reaching the sand he fell into a deep sleep without giving a second thought to where he had landed.

As it turns out, he was in Lilliput, a place where the people, animals and even the plants were of a very small size. When the inhabitants saw Gulliver they were frightened and went to the beach to tie him down, fearing that he might be dangerous.

Suddenly, Gulliver awoke and could see that he was surrounded by ropes and tiny people. Without much effort, he was able to stand up, causing the ropes to snap and fall to the ground, which made the inhabitants very afraid. Seeing the situation, Gulliver began to laugh and perhaps it was this that made the Lilliputians a little less afraid. Little by little, they approached him.

Finally they realized that he was a good man and decided to bring him food and drink. They were gradually establishing a friendship, until they mentioned to him that they were at war with a neighboring country.

It was then that the king asked Gulliver to help them with their enemies. Gulliver decided to help them and defeated the enemy fleet without even trying. When he had shown his strength, he said to them, “Surrender if you wish to live!” The army decided to surrender and in this way their wars were ended forever.

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