The Story of Grandfather, Grandson & the Donkey

This classic short story has a great lesson for kids about making their own decisions in life, and is sure to amuse grown ups too!

The Story of Grandfather, Grandson and the Donkey

Once upon a time, there was a Grandfather and his Grandson who had spent summer vacation together, and now were walking from Grandfather’s village to take the boy home to his parents. Walking with them was the donkey that Grandfather so often brought along with him, just in case.

Since they both needed to rest, Grandfather and Grandson decided to stop in the nearest town so that the journey wouldn’t seem so long. As they reached the town, Grandfather rode on the donkey and his Grandson walked happily beside him when they suddenly heard voices saying, “What a rude man! He rides the donkey while his poor grandson walks!”

Grandfather got down from the donkey and they passed through the town both walking beside the donkey. They passed by some boys who said, “What a couple of fools! They have a donkey and they’re both walking!”

Hearing this, both Grandfather and Grandson decided to get on the donkey to pass through the next town but again they heard the opinion of the town, “What terrible people! They’re going to kill that poor donkey!”

As they left the town, Grandson rode on the donkey while Grandfather walked beside him, and the townspeople said, “What an inconsiderate boy! He sits comfortably on the donkey while his poor old grandfather walks!”

When they reached the end of their journey, Grandfather thought of an important lesson that he wanted to teach his Grandson: no matter how well you try to do something, you can’t make everyone happy. That’s why you must always form your own opinion and do what you feel is right.

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