Blue Beard

Blue Beard

Once upon a time, there was a man who had lovely houses in the city and in the country, as well as many riches and fine things like a golden carriage, but he unfortunately had a blue beard, which made him so ugly that no woman cared to go near him.

A neighbor of his had two beautiful daughters whom he had asked to marry, but neither of them wanted to, because he was very ugly and had been married before, and no one knew where those other wives had gone to.

To try to convince them, Blue Beard invited the family and some of the girls’ friends to one of his country houses, where they had lots of parties, dances, picnics, etc. Everything was so much fun that the younger daughter began to fall in love with Blue Beard.

As soon as they returned to the city, they married, and one month later Blue Beard told his new wife that he had to make a long trip, at least 6 weeks, but while he was away she was free to invite her friends over.

He gave her the keys to the country house as well as the keys to the rooms where he kept all of his riches. He gave his wife permission to enter any part of the house except for one small room.

Now surrounded by her friends, they went through the whole house the see what there was to see. The wife, however, was not having fun, because she couldn’t stop thinking about what could be in that small forbidden room. Finally, she couldn’t contain her curiosity and she opened the door to the room. Imagine her surprise when she saw that the floor was covered in dried blood, and hanging on the walls were the bodies of his previous wives!

The key was now stained with blood, and as it was enchanted, there was no way to clean it. That same night, Blue Beard returned from his trip and asked for the keys. She did, but was so nervous that Blue Beard realized what had happened.

In that moment, Blue Beard told her that she must die because she disobeyed him. He left her a moment to say a prayer, time that she used to call to her sister and tell her to warn their brothers.

Her time was up and Blue Beard, knife in hand, told his wife that if she didn’t come down, he was coming up.

When she came down the stairs, Blue Beard was ready to slit her throat, but just in time her brothers arrived and killed Blue Beard. Having no heirs, the young woman inherited his entire fortune, and they all lived happily ever after.

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