Once upon a time there was a beautiful forest where many animals lived and got along very well with each other. But one morning, Thumper, a young rabbit, arrived to wake the town because a new fawn had just been born.



Hearing the news, all the animals of the forest went to meet the new fawn, who was named Bambi. It wasn’t long before they made friends with him and explained everything there was to know about the forest.

Every day, they all gathered together to play. One day, Bambi was out walking with his mother and father when suddenly they heard a dog barking. They ran away to hide—there were men in the forest trying to hunt deer.

Little by little, Bambi’s father taught him how to act in these situations, and how he had to take care of the herd, since he was the leader.

One day, Bambi met a young doe and began to fall in love. A few months later, while playing together in the forest, they suddenly heard once again the sound of dogs barking. They tried to escape but unfortunately one of the shots struck our hero.

In that moment, all of Bambi’s friends came to try to rescue him and they helped him to cross the river, as it was the only way to save him.

Eventually, all of his injuries were healed and when he was fully recuperated, he married his doe friend and they all lived happily ever after.

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